Grants for Voluntary Organisations

Picture of notes of sterling money

The Parish Council will, at its September meeting, be considering whether to award any grants to Voluntary Organisations working within the parish or for the benefit of the residents.

Should you feel that your organisation could qualify for a grant and if you wish to apply, we would be pleased to receive your written application by 10 September. Please give as much detail as possible as outlined below.

Applications must be made in writing either:

If provided, the following information is useful to enable the Council to assess the value of an application:

  • Copies of last year’s accounts and estimates for the coming year
  • Estimate of the number of members/residents benefitting from the application
  • Details of the extent of the organisation’s activities in the parish together with any restrictions.
  • If relevant, details of the specific project the grant is intended to fund.
  • Other efforts that have been made to attract funding elsewhere.

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