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How Can We All Help To Keep Our Footpaths Clear?

Over the last 3 years the Parish Council has invested considerable time and resources into surveying and improving the condition of parish footpaths.

Following this work you may well have noticed several significant improvements. I do hope so.

Firstly we discussed our findings with BCP Council and with Meyrick Estates and Hoburne Group and those discussions resulted in a number of improvements.

Secondly we were delighted that several local groups of volunteers organised themselves and improved their own local paths. We are also aware of individuals who are gladly giving their time to clearing paths.

Of course, there is more to do – there always is! In particular there are a few paths that require significant improvement – such as the pathway on Hinton Wood Avenue leading up to Lymington Road, which is impassable to wheelchair users – and we are in discussion with BCP Council to try to get these paths on to their capital programmes.

Everyone can help with this endeavour. You may be able to volunteer and, if so, we’d like to say well done! Please do what you feel able. But for those who can’t undertake any clearing of paths, you can still help if you go out walking and notice pathways that need attention. Please simply go online to BCP and report the facts to them. We are frequently told by BCP that they can’t be expected to repair unless they are told of the need. So let’s tell them!

Bob Hutchings, OBE