Revitalise Highcliffe High Street Update

Revitalise Highcliffe’s High Street – Update June 2020

Pavement Condition, Lymington Road ‘retail core’
A comprehensive photographic record of some 35 locations where the pavements are in disrepair, together with supporting evidence of accidents, trips, falls and shoppers experience was presented to BCP Council on 12th March. During the week commencing 28th May BCP Council commenced paviour repairs but only in a limited section and only for a few days. BCP have been chased up to ascertain when further repairs will be undertaken.

Transport Planning
Paul Basham Associates Traffic Engineering Consultants were appointed by the Parish in March to undertake a 5 stage project encompassing –

  • Stage 1 – Traffic Flows: baseline study
  • Stage 2 – Present baseline findings
  • Stage 3 – Improvement Opportunities Study
  • Stage 4 – Refine and agree Improvements – budgets and programme
  • Stage 5 – High Street: enhancement study

As a consequence of Covid-19, historic traffic flow data together with ‘modelling’, based on regional traffic growth, has been the preferred approach given the significant change in traffic movement.

Accordingly the Consultants and now working on Stage 3. This will be an important stage as it will be the time we will be looking to consult with stakeholders/businesses on the possible Improvements. Consultation will also take place at Stage 5. The Parish project team have outlined a number of Improvements themselves which have been shared with the Consultants. We will be making ‘Press Releases’ at the appropriate time to initiate a consultation process.

When agreed by the Parish Council the conclusion will be to present a ‘Revitalise the High Street, Highcliffe‘ report and way forward to BCP Council to secure funding as well as a commitment to a programme of works and improvements.

The aim is to complete the Project as outlined above by say October/November

This is an update to an article published in March 2020