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Highcliffe & Walkford Neighbourhood Plan – Referendum Result

YES, you have voted positively for the Plan!

A big thank you to all our residents who went out to vote on a bitterly cold but bright sunny day! Your support is much appreciated.

To recap, the Plan, covers important planning aspects with Policies and Projects in respect of –

  • ‘High Street’ Environment and Uses,
  • Local Green Spaces/ Green Corridors/ Accessible Green Spaces
  • Walking and Cycle routes/ Parking Standards
  • Locally Important Community Facilities
  • Housing Design for practical living,
  • Retaining and Reinforcing the Local Character

The Plan now goes forward to become a ‘Made Plan’, which the BCP Council Planning Officers must have regard-to when considering all Planning Applications in the Parish area.

Cllr Nigel Brooks, who led the Parish ‘team’ preparing the Plan for over three and a half years said, ‘The positive result is credit to our residents who highly value this wonderful part of the coastline and have the vision for a safe, successful, vibrant and attractive place to live, work and visit. I am much encouraged by residents coming together in support of the Neighbourhood Plan, a huge thank you’.

Cllr Bob Hutchings, Chair of the Parish Council said, ‘The Parish Council is delighted with the result which demonstrates a continuing step along the way to serve our residents in an extremely positive way. Planning matters are a very important aspect which we deal with week in, week out. The Plan gives us a Statutory document to underline the need of due regard to resident’s wishes and priorities. Thank you for your support’.