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How Clear Is Your Pavement?

We know that the majority of people who live in Highcliffe & Walkford are exemplary in cutting back their hedges and branches to make sure their growth doesn’t inconvenience others walking along the pavements.

But a few people inevitably do forget or otherwise fail to do what needs to be done. The Parish Council is really keen to see its pavements cleared of all obstruction and, if they are, the new pavement sweeper we’ve been promised by BCP should make our pavements cleaner and wider than they have been for many a long year.

Please help us to achieve this goal. Please take a look at your own hedges and trees and where appropriate take action to cut them back. This is a good time of year to be doing it; it’s also a good thing to do because we understand that BCP are currently inspecting our streets and they will be sending statutory notices out soon requiring occupiers to deal with overgrown hedges and branches. Please do make sure you don’t qualify to receive one of these!

The Chairman of the Parish Council, Bob Hutchings, said “the appallingly overgrown state of the Lymington Road pavements (adjoining St Mark’s Churchyard) has now been resolved after years of Dorset County Council neglect and it would be great to think we can aim to meet that standard throughout the parish”.