Image of a car in a parking lot

Nea Meadows Improved Parking

For quite some time the drainage in the Nea Meadows carpark has left some users with damp, if not actually wet, feet.

Quite obviously there were not enough spaces either, certainly not on busy days.

Now your new Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council has stepped in (literally). Having taken over responsibility for the Meadows from the former Christchurch Borough Council, HWPC enlisted the services of M. A. Hart Ltd to extend the car park and improve the drainage.

The work, completed this month, involved moving a lamp standard, constructing new spaces and re-marking all the existing spaces. Additionally, the excessive surface water has been dealt with by the provision of adequate drainage channels leaving a drier and much more user-friendly place to visit.

Well done to all concerned. Let’s have more such initiatives.

It’s another example of how your new parish council can respond to local needs and make a real difference.