New Vicar Arrives At St Mark's, Highcliffe

New Vicar Arrives At St Mark’s, Highcliffe

The Chairman and Clerk with the Bishop of Southampton at the installation of the Revd. Veronica Brown as the new Vicar of St Mark’s Highcliffe.

On behalf of the Parish Council the Chairman wished Veronica every success and fulfilment during her stay in Highcliffe.

Highcliffe High Street Highway Improvements

Highcliffe High Street, Highway Improvements Study Update

Two documents to view about proposed improvements to Highcliffe High Street (click to open PDFs):

Highcliffe High Street – Highway Improvements Study

The Future of your High Street

Revitalise Highcliffe High Street Update

Revitalise Highcliffe’s High Street – Update June 2020

Pavement Condition, Lymington Road ‘retail core’
A comprehensive photographic record of some 35 locations where the pavements are in disrepair, together with supporting evidence of accidents, trips, falls and shoppers experience was presented to BCP Council on 12th March. During the week commencing 28th May BCP Council commenced paviour repairs but only in a limited section and only for a few days. BCP have been chased up to ascertain when further repairs will be undertaken.

Transport Planning
Paul Basham Associates Traffic Engineering Consultants were appointed by the Parish in March to undertake a 5 stage project encompassing –

  • Stage 1 – Traffic Flows: baseline study
  • Stage 2 – Present baseline findings
  • Stage 3 – Improvement Opportunities Study
  • Stage 4 – Refine and agree Improvements – budgets and programme
  • Stage 5 – High Street: enhancement study

As a consequence of Covid-19, historic traffic flow data together with ‘modelling’, based on regional traffic growth, has been the preferred approach given the significant change in traffic movement.

Accordingly the Consultants and now working on Stage 3. This will be an important stage as it will be the time we will be looking to consult with stakeholders/businesses on the possible Improvements. Consultation will also take place at Stage 5. The Parish project team have outlined a number of Improvements themselves which have been shared with the Consultants. We will be making ‘Press Releases’ at the appropriate time to initiate a consultation process.

When agreed by the Parish Council the conclusion will be to present a ‘Revitalise the High Street, Highcliffe‘ report and way forward to BCP Council to secure funding as well as a commitment to a programme of works and improvements.

The aim is to complete the Project as outlined above by say October/November

This is an update to an article published in March 2020

Logo of the Highcliffe and Walkford Parish Council

Coronavirus – Action By Parish Council

With immediate effect all meetings of the Parish Council have been cancelled and, for the duration of the pandemic, decisions will be taken by the Parish Clerk following electronic consultation with the Chairman and other Parish Councillors.

Clearly, two of the subjects uppermost in people’s minds are the sourcing and delivery of food supplies and how to obtain other forms of care/support they might require. We understand that supermarkets are increasingly under pressure on home deliveries but there are a number of local suppliers who are delivering.

Although we are unable to recommend any particular sources of supply, the Parish Council is happy to show the details of suppliers and supporters that we become aware of. Please use our website to tell us the names and contact details and we’ll include them there.

Above all, our message is stay at home, keep safe.

Logo of the Highcliffe and Walkford Parish Council

Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council Message Regarding Coronavirus

Like every responsible person and business in the UK the Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council must decide how best to manage its affairs whilst the Coronavirus outbreak remains amongst us.

We’ve listened to the Government’s advice to minimise travel/meetings that are not essential and with that in mind we are discussing on 25th March a scheme to delegate decision making to the Chairman/Vice Chairman.

Of course, members of the public can attend our meetings but we sincerely hope you will understand when we say please don’t come. We will redouble our efforts to keep you fully informed via our website.

After 25th March meetings will be cut to an absolute minimum for the foreseeable future.

Image of leaves on the ground

Improving Our Pavements And Footpaths

Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council has very recently set up a working group of Councillors and volunteers to seek ways to improve our pavements throughout the parish.

The group is looking outside of the High Street area to see what can be done to improve the cleanliness and safety of other pavements and footpaths in Highcliffe and in Walkford. This work will seek to enhance the important contribution already being made by the “Bloom” Group.

The Parish Council Chairman. Bob Hutchings said that this initiatives is not simply a talking shop; he added “we all know that we need to see improvements and that’s what the group is intent on achieving”.

The “Pavements” Group is led by Councillor Susan Smith who commented that maintenance in the past has been so poor that many of our pavements and footpaths are overrun with leaf mould, weeds and other detritus. The Parish Council understands that BCP has now invested in two new pavement sweepers for the Christchurch area and we expect to see them working around Highcliffe very soon.

In the meantime, because the new sweepers won’t be able to handle some of the thickest of the accumulated vegetation we have to deal with that first. To identify the worst places the working group is surveying the main roads and footpaths in Highcliffe & Walkford (excluding the High Street because that is already being studied by our other Group “Revitalising the High Street”).

‘In the lead’ so far in terms of awfulness are stretches of the Lymington Road west of the Medical Centre. At one point we have measured vegetation stretching over 1 metre across the pavement. Other stretches of the same road – and many other roads – are kept near spotless by those living nearby. Well done to them! We’d like to hear from anyone who already takes responsibility for clearing pavements outside their own and neighbours’ homes. Perhaps we should have an award for the best kept road!

How can you help the Council? Firstly anyone wishing to help should contact the leader of the “Pavement” Group, Susan Smith ( One important thing you can do is tell her of the worst areas both on pavements and footpaths.

Image of a water bottle on the shore

The Plastic Free Campaign Has Arrived In Highcliffe!

You have probably heard a lot in the news about the problems of single-use plastic and microplastics. It is a problem that affects every community and has a huge impact on oceans, wildlife and food sources.

It is something that everybody can do something about – no matter how small. It’s not about removing every piece of plastic from your life, it’s about making small changes and removing unnecessary, single-use plastics, one piece at a time.

There is something for everyone:

  • Individuals – Use the Individual Action Plan and check off the switches you have made
  • Businesses – Use the Business Toolkit for advice, tips and to learn how to achieve the Plastic Free Champion award to display on your premises
  • Community Groups – Take the Plastic Free Pledge and help to spread the word about the plastic problem and your commitment to reducing single-use plastics in your activities

To find out more and get involved please get in touch through the website,, by email to or through our FacebookTwitter or Instagram pages.

The Plastic Free Highcliffe team are looking for Plastic Free Champions.

Is your business already making changes to remove single-use plastic or have you been thinking about it but haven’t yet started? Now’s the time! We can help you to achieve a Plastic Free Champion award that you can display in your premises to show your customers that you are committed to being part of the solution to the global plastic problem.

To get involved, you need to remove three pieces of single-use plastic from the business. This is easier for some businesses than others so there is a toolkit that we can provide to give you tips and advice.

The award can be applied retrospectively, so if you have already made three changes let us know!

To find out more and to get involved please visit the website at, contact us via email at or get in touch via FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

Revitalise Highcliffe High Street Update

Revitalise Highcliffe’s High Street

An ambitious new initiative has been launched by the Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council in a bid to ‘Revitalise Highcliffe’s High Street.’

The project is aimed at helping to rejuvenate the retail and business centre along Lymington Road, which is in effect Highcliffe’s ‘high street’.

It will tackle a wide range of issues including traffic management, pedestrian safety, parking provision, the condition of the pavements and the overall environment for residents, visitors, shoppers and traders.

The parish council will ask traffic management consultants to investigate options for easing the growing congestion, especially in the summer months. The problem of HGVs passing through the village will also be assessed.

Highcliffe and Walkford Parish Council was established last April as part of the local government reorganisation which also created the BCP Council, bringing Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole together.

A sub-group of the Council has been set up to spearhead the initiative, formally branded ‘Revitalising Highcliffe’s High Street.’

The project is being led by parish council vice chairman Cllr Andy Martin and BCP ward councillor for Highcliffe and Walkford, Cllr Nigel Brooks.

Cllr Martin said: “Residents and businesses feedback from the Neighbourhood Plan process workshop before Christmas as well as direct feedback from residents over the past few months have left us in no doubt that that high street is one of the most pressing issues we need to tackle.

This is where the new parish council can make a real difference to the quality of life in the village and to its future prosperity and sustainability.

The traffic management consultants report will give us the evidence we need to present to BCP Council, who are the Highways Authority and from whom funding for improvements will be important.“.

Cllr Brooks, a parish councillor and also a member of BCP Council’s Transport Advisory Group, added: “As the project progresses, we will be consulting as widely as possible with residents, our business community and visitors.

It’s important that we develop an inspiring local vision for the future of Highcliffe’s high street and this is the first step. We aim to put together a comprehensive and sustainable action plan to revitalise our high street.“.

Anyone wishing to assist in the project is asked to contact Cllr Martin or Cllr Brooks.

An update to this article can be found here

Image of a car in a parking lot

Nea Meadows Improved Parking

For quite some time the drainage in the Nea Meadows carpark has left some users with damp, if not actually wet, feet.

Quite obviously there were not enough spaces either, certainly not on busy days.

Now your new Highcliffe & Walkford Parish Council has stepped in (literally). Having taken over responsibility for the Meadows from the former Christchurch Borough Council, HWPC enlisted the services of M. A. Hart Ltd to extend the car park and improve the drainage.

The work, completed this month, involved moving a lamp standard, constructing new spaces and re-marking all the existing spaces. Additionally, the excessive surface water has been dealt with by the provision of adequate drainage channels leaving a drier and much more user-friendly place to visit.

Well done to all concerned. Let’s have more such initiatives.

It’s another example of how your new parish council can respond to local needs and make a real difference.

A close up image of an Asian Hornet

Asian Hornets

The following letter has been received from DEFRA (The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

Dear Trish,

I am writing to thank the council for their time and assistance this autumn in connection with the confirmed sighting of the invasive non-native species Asian hornet in the Highcliffe area of Christchurch.

The task faced by National Bee Unit inspectors in locating and eradicating nests is challenging, and it is very useful to have co-operation and understanding from local bodies such as yours.

Investigations detected two nests in the area, which were promptly destroyed. Following a further period of surveillance our inspectors were confident that no more Asian hornets were present in the area. This is important because, as you may be aware, Asian hornet represents a serious threat to our honey bees and other native pollinators.

We can only tackle this pest properly with the support of beekeepers and the general public, and I would be most grateful for your continued vigilance and reporting of any future sightings. The best way to report possible sightings is to use the free Asian Hornet Watch app, or to e-mail

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Nicola Spence
Chief Plant Health Officer
Defra Animal and Plant Health Directorate

View original letter